Sunday, March 12, 2006

Too Damn Late (starring Garageband) - Part 3

Again another evening wasted with Garageband. My brother recorded some sound-bytes for his new song, and after he had gone to town I started poking at it and it made funny noises. I must've spent an hour just trying to figure out how to get a certain sound effect in there.

Anyway, it turned out pretty OK, even though it was just a joke-song. Let's see what the brother has to say about it later, and if he doesn't like it, he can kiss my flat ass!

If you went to the post by my brother I linked, you would have seen some rather outrageous claims about me there. I'll try to talk about it, but I must warn you that I don't like talking about myself.

I don't really see myself as a bona fide genius. Though I don't see myself as a completely "normal" person either. I do feel like there's something in me that needs to be let out, I'm still not sure what that is. While looking up the word at I found an interesting quite by Simone de Beauvoir:
One is not born a genius, one becomes a genius.
I remember once long ago when we had one of those IQ-tests in a psychology-class. I got a pretty good score with a verdict of having a fair chance of being accepted to Mensa would I take the test for real, but I still didn't get the top score in the class. That's a bit how I see myself, having potential, but a far way from being "the real deal". Perhaps the piano thing and the Japanese thing recently are just sub-conscious ways of trying to maximize that potential, and striving to reach that new level.


Ainu said...

I don't think that time is wasted on art.

Jonas said...

Just to let everyone know: the song turned out to be f**king genious! It's his best work yet.

Personally, I see myself as having the IQ of a turnip :p

Jacke said...

I don't think that time spent on art/creation is wasted either, but it sure feels like it when you have a big exam in less than a week and you've read way too little...

Ainu said...

Make the exam art too ;)

Max Breaker said...

I have a book here that quotes Simone de Beauvoir as saying

"One isn't born a woman, one becomes one."

I guess it's the same kind of thing, and furthermore you might be right - she may have said them both! i just giggled at your inclusion of that quote here :P

As for art, it's no accident that people who are so-called "artistic geniuses" get paid so much to do what they do. IMO, the fact that they are able to release their creativity in an artistic medium and furthermore, do so in a way unaffected by society or other external pressures - truly 'art from the heart' - is something that one must be extremely brave to do.

Hmm I might post on my blog on this topic...