Saturday, April 29, 2006


The other day I watched the movie The Pretender, which seemed to be a continuation of the TV-series. While the movie was pretty bad, it did bring up memories from the series, which I remember liking.
Jarod, a boy genius with a special gift for pretending, was kidnapped and held prisoner by a corporation that used him as a human simulator in their clandestine research. Escaping from The Centre more than 30 years later, Jarod now searches for clues to his true identity and family. He also uses his ability to quickly become an expert at anything to right wrongs and exact revenge on the wicked.
-IMDB, plot summary for "The Pretender" TV-series
There's something about that level of intelligence that fascinates me, even though it's entirely fictional. The ability to so seamlessly take on and master something new, and then, after having done what you set out to do, just disappear without a trace.

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