Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I can't draw

As the title says.

I'm pretty bad at drawing; whenever I want to draw a straight line it always ends up crooked or there's a little bump on it that ruins everything. I did get an award in the subject at the end of the 9th grade, but I'm suspecting that they figured I deserved something, but couldn't find anything that I was really good at. For those interested, I think it was during the 8th grade that I finally seemed to find some footing in learning, with my math grades in particular taking a significant turn upwards. Of course I had some good teachers too that encouraged me.

In any case, I find that my inability to draw clean lines really limit me now that I have think of the aesthetics while drawing kanji. While remembering the stroke order is just a case of rote memorization, drawing them is something completely different. When drawing them small they look okay, but as soon as I need to schale them up I get in trouble. According to our teacher, we should practice drawing each kanji >50 times, but somehow that doesn't seem to happen. We're going to have an actual test where they examine our kanji writing abilities later on (around May-July, I think).

I found a new bug the other day that really interested me. It looked like nothing I've ever seen before; it had the build of a centipede, the body divided into parts in a similar way, but it lookws eerily familiar to my old "friends", the black beetles. The current theory is that it's a black beetle in an earlier phase, and it's going to develop through pupification or similar transformation.

I'm keeping it under observation in a plastic container for now, waiting for developments. It seems to like apple.


Ainu said...

Oh, youre scaring me..

Kimura-sensee and her callicraphy workshop. I will be so nervous that I can't draw a line..

Ainu said...

Of course it is calligraphy...

Can't even write English, you see!
Forgive me... Lord

mizzaaa said...

You are like a mad scientist you are ;)

Jacke said...

Ainu said
"Kimura-sensee and her calligraphy workshop. I will be so nervous that I can't draw a line.."

I'm not so nervous about the workshop, that's about learning, so the pressure won't be as big. But the test...

miza said
"You are like a mad scientist you are ;)"

Yes I am. *jots that down in the list of potential band names*

Jonas said...

Here is a trick my art teacher gave us; don't hold the pen or brush like you are writing but rather grip the pen like you were to poke someone with it, then relax your wrist and just go.

It'll feel awkward at first but apparently it is very popular in asia (asian exchange students usually draw like this) and the way they are taught. So it must hold some merit.

However, we didn't draw much by hand after the 2nd year as we did most drawing on the computer.