Sunday, April 23, 2006


Last night was sort of interesting.

I had pretty much settled in for an evening of hard-core kanji studying when I recieved a communique from my class-mate Aino, insisting that I attend a party of hers. (Though "insisting" might be an understatement.)

Hmm. Alrighty.

The last party that a class-mate had invited me to had seen me mostly sitting around, hardly saying two words the entire evening. With that memory I set out into the evening, destination unknown. Literally, since I hadn't checked up exactly where in town the particular adress was located. (Though I eventually got there, with a little help from my friends.)

So. Me as the lone Swedish-speaking person at a party otherwise populated with Finnish-speakers. Of course I was worried that I'd be a bit left out. Luckily there was alcohol.

Now, I don't want to be responsible for perpetuating the myth that Finnish people need alcohol to be social, there are plenty who can do without. But for me, I find that it relaxes me immensely, which allows me to speak in situations where I otherwise, for various reasons, wouldn't, and gets me actually interacting with people instead of sitting in a corner wondering whether I really should be there.

We played a bit of jenga, which I managed to avoid losing, primarily because a) I wasn't that drunk yet, and b) I had seen a bit of how it's done.
Go to 29:36 to see a tower much larger than ours being built.

After a bit of more socializing, we headed out to a local club. It was alright there, though I've never thought a club is a good place for conversations, but getting up and dancing again was fun, it's been a while since I did that.

All in all a fun night!


Jonas said...

Aah, alcohol, the social lubricant of the Finnish society. Without it, we would probably go extinct.

I must say, that was a pretty ballsy thing you did; going out partying with a bunch of finns… it’s not like they were complete strangers but still. You should do more of that.

I imagine you could be pretty good at jenga. You have that sort of mind…and by that I don’t mean you are a blockhead :p

Ainu said...

If I'm throwing a party I make sure that everyone is having fun!

You should have trusted me better but I forgive you.

Ainu said...

Funny show!