Monday, April 10, 2006


After looking around a brief tutorial on mixing in an audio magazine (Studio, Swedish) my brother bought, I think I've gotten at least some idea of how it should be done (and also why).

As I've understood it, there is a limited amount of room in recorded audio; the article has it stated as between 20 and 20 000 hertz. If two different instruments occupy too much of the same frequency, they start overlapping and you get a "muddy" sound. So in order for every channel (instrument) to be heard clearly, you cut away the non-essential parts of the sound with the equalizer-settings, thereby making room for other instruments.

Though something tells me I should focus more on playing and composing first.

I should have gotten a package today. If I don't get it tomorrow it probably means Mr. Customs has grabbed it.

It's pretty strange, of all the orders I've made from abroad (which amounts to pretty many now, I think) only one has been picked up by the customs for inspection. Let's hope that keeps up.


Jonas said...

See, that is why it's hard to have a piano/keyboard and a guitar in the same band. They both occupy the same space so the players will have to be aware of what the other guy is doing and leave room.

mizzaaa said...

Hello Mr. Customs ;)

Jacke said...

"See, that is why it's hard to have a piano/keyboard and a guitar in the same band."

Are you trying to tell me to quit the band?!?!


Jonas said...

No I'm saying you should give me a heads up before you want to shred

D-M.A. said...

But piano at the beginning and the end of rock songs often sounds beautiful!