Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Potter. Harry Potter.

After watching the second Harry Potter-movie yesterday I started wondering which 'house' I would belong to in the now well-known magic-school. The sorting hat says Ravenclaw.
I thought my "evil genius"-tendencies would put me in Slytherin, but it seems I'm not evil enough for that.

Anyway, while watching the movie, I was a bit annoyed at how one-dimensional the Slytherin-group is presented. No effort is made to explain their actions or their apparent rivalry with the appointed good guys Gryffindor. Perhaps it will be explained further on in the story in the later books, but so far the petty rivalry between the two factions is just silly. I'm of the conviction that noone is "pure good" or "pure evil"; each person has their reasons for doing what they do or believing what they believe. It's human to be a little of both, and when a person (in a movie) is represented in a way that is purposely meant to show what how "bad" they are, my suspense of disbelief just drops like a stone. (For a good example of how human bad guys can be made, see the movie Heat.)

Another thing that's bothering me a bit is the whole boarding school-environment, but perhaps that's more because the concept is unfamiliar to me. Still, I could see how each book/movie ends: Harry Potter saves the day, Slytherin wants him expelled for breaking rules while saving the day, a talk with the principal gets him an earful for breaking the rules and also a medal for yet again rescuing the world.

Still, I'll probably search out book 2 and read it, followed by the rest in due time.


Jonas said...

I actually watched a bit of the film as well..I don't know which one...there were spiders and shit in it though...

I would probably be in some school that wants to be evil but can't really hack it...sort of like an "evil for pussies" school.

You'd probably be a notch or two more evil than that.

My school would probably fall in the category right above "My-little-Pony-super-fun-land" on the evil scale.

Ainu said...

The books get more complicated year after year.. The characters get more "real". There aren't really that pure evil vs. pure good rivalry in them in my opinion anymore.

I think that the first two films suck.
Columbus is that kind of director who says: "-- then look up here, surprized, eyes open"..
It shows..

I have all the published books in English (in Jyväskylä). If you wan't to borrow them. Can't wait the last book and the rest of the films!

Ainu said...

Ravenclaw... me too..

But Hufflepuff and Gryffindor were very close.

Jonas said...

I don't want to be in the same school as YOU guys! I'm special! *pouts*...

Seriously though, did you notice that some questions came more than once? And I must say some of them were leaning towards making you answer favourably. Very few people will admit to being boring and childish. Very many will claim to be itelligent even if test scores don't show it.

Ainu said...

Yeah. I thought so too.

Jacke said...

Yeah, the questions seemed a bit leading.

Jonas said...
"I don't want to be in the same school as YOU guys! I'm special! *pouts*"

Good thing we're not wizards then ;)

Ainu said...
"If you wan't to borrow them"

I'll probably find most of them at the library, but if not, I know where to go :)
(Now I remember what I was supposed to do at the library today...)

Jonas said...

You think there are wizard schools for "special kids"...you know..retards and handicapped children, kids with huge heads and brain damage and stuff...

Just think, Timmy in south park with a magic wand.

*chef turns into frog*