Saturday, April 15, 2006

Two weeks later

To be honest, I haven't really accomplished much in these last two weeks. I've practiced some kanji, but not as much as I had planned. Well, there's still a couple of days left 'til the next lesson, and more importantly, our first session of 日本会話 (nihonkaiwa, Japanese conversation) on Thursday. (Which, by the way, is from 9 AM, meaning I have to try to get my ass out of bed a lot earlier than usual.)

Our conversation-leader will be Yoshiko Koivumäki, who also substituted for our teacher when he went to join ETA. I do hope plain conversation will go better than her teaching, which, to be honest, left a bit to be desired. As an example, she would often have us fill in exercises from the book during the lessons, meaning we just sat the for 10-15 minutes; then we went through it and she would write all the answers on the board. Compared to how our ordinary teacher does it (by giving it as homework and going through it the following lesson), that's a lot of 'down-time' where there is no real interaction between the teacher and the students. Another thing I didn't like was how she had us do the exercises for the new kanji we learned during the lessons too; this lead to a lot of flipping back and forth in our kanji books while we searched out the readings for everything we didn't know and translate the sentences. It also got me off my groove of practising writing the kanji while doing the homework since we had done all the exercises during the day.

I'll also have to find something to eat for Thursday during the hour or so between the the morning conversation and the regular lesson.

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Ainu said...

I haven't done much either.