Sunday, May 28, 2006

Japanese choir music

Who would've thought that choir music could be so much fun? I sure didn't since I originally didn't have any intention of going to see the Japanese choir Kai from Yokohama during their appearance(s) at the Vaasa Choir Festival. But people kept telling me I should go. So I thought I'd at least see what it's about. So I went and listened.

First at a performance at a local shopping mall. "Hmm, this was pretty good."
Then I went again, this time on the town square/market place. "Wow, that song is really cool!"
Then the next day (today) again at a performance in a church (though that time they didn't sing my 'favourite' song, in retrospect I should've realized they would only do more subdued songs when the venue was a church).
(Yes, it looks a bit odd. I had to do jerk it around a bit so you'd see something else than a balding head.)

Here's one from the "photo-op" afterwards outside the church with a Ukranian choir. It was raining a bit, but they still lined up for pictures.
And then, seemingly saving the best for last, the afternoon performance at a local restaurant (if you can call it that).
Perfect vantage point, which I have my friend Aino to thank for! (I don't think I'd dare go that close if I had been on my own...)

Sorry for the picture quality. I'm really no photographer, as it probably becomes clear. I didn't take very many pictures, and these were the best of a bad bunch.

Anyway, in the performance they did the song I like, and I got a video of it with the digital camera I had with me! Yay! But that's not all... for the encore, they performed it once more, this time spreading around the restaurant, in a very free-form performance! I wonder if our response to it the first time had anything to do with the second performance... In any case, another video, ゲット!

Ah. Very good day.

I initially had some problems getting the video files transferred from the camera to the computer, but using a clever mix of time and emulation software, it was finally accomplished. The next natural step is of course to put it up on the 'net!

See the first performance here, and then see the second, encore performance. (Sorry about sync issues, that's the fault of Youtube. If you want a CD with copies of the original files that came of the camera, just ask the next time you see me.)

Update: I also put the videos on Google video, they have much better audio-video sync. Here's video one and here's video two.

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Ainu said...

I'm pretty sure it is Akita Ondo, the name of that song you liked.