Monday, June 19, 2006

Cooking noodles

In this episode we will look at how to cook noodles.

First, we will need some noodles.
Contents of bag: noodles, oil, condiments.

Put oil in a pot with 300ml of water.

Wait for it to boil, then add the condiments...

... and noodles.

Let it cook for a while and poke it a bit occasionally.

Serve in suitable container, and voilĂ , you've got yourself a nice little snack.

I'll start reading the 6th HP-book tomorrow, really.


Jonas said...

You should really get yourself a better looking serving dish ;)

What kind of cups do they use in Japan? I'll get you one of those.

siina said...

what a gourmet meal! :)

D-M.A. said...

A book about HP's? My God, that would be the most boring book in the world! ;)

Ainu said...


Jonas said...

HP...Is that like Hewlett Packard? I don't know..didn't they sponsor the Williams BMW F1-team for a while? Maybe it's about racing and that is pretty kewl.

Jacke said...

HP = Harry Potter.

mizzaaa said...

Have you checked out Jonas´ blog???
And pictures?

Jacke said...

miza said: "Have you checked out Jonas´ blog???
And pictures?"

I have now... You can almost see his crotch in one shot!

Co-incidentally, the word verification is "pimmpp" :P

Jonas said...

Hey, how come you have two identical blogs? Or is there something fucked about my machine?

Jacke said...

No, the other one is just redirecting to this one, just wanted to see if it's possible to do. I can remove it if it's confusing.

Jonas said...

"...Co-incidentally, the word verification is "pimmpp" :P ..."

I took me like...two weeks to figure out what you meant but I get it now...funny :D