Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The secrets of my brother

Looking around the house today for a recipe for doughnuts, I found a diary-entry from my brother.

Here it is in all it's roughly-translated, uncensored glory.
Dear diary.
Today I woke up late since me and the gang were out partying yesterday evening.
[My sister] was reading and [my brother (that's me)] was reading and grandpa was being silly. Then I ate Corn Flakes. Well, then I poked out wax from my ear with a pen. Then I wrote in my diary. Then I poked out some more wax and wrote some more in my diary. Then [my sister] giggled, then [she] laughed, then it itched in my eye so I scratched. The [my brother] panted and I scratched my head. Then [my brother] panted again. Then I scratched some more. And some more. Then it was 12 o'clock.
Continuing on a similar theme, here is pictured the creation of woman, again by my brother.
(Disclaimer: the drawing is not meant to be taken seriously.)


Jonas said...

God- ”So what do you think?”
Assistant - ”I like the tits and ass but are there any flaws?”
God –”Unfortunately, it seems that at a specifik time every month she goes crazy
Assistant- ” Well, the deadline is up. We have to ship hernow and hope no one notices”

My brother came up with an alternative ending, where the assistant instead says:
”Well the deadline is up. Let’s just call it a ”feature” and ship anyway.

Jonas said...

You didn't happen to find the recipe did you? I wonder where it could be..It's in a large red binder so it shouldn't be that hard to spot either... Thinking back, the last time I made donuts was for my 25th birthday party...which was a while ago.

Ainu said...

I liked the cartoon.

Jonas draws alright! And the handwriting is good.

Recipe for doughnuts?!?!
Wants it!

Jacke said...

Haven't found the recipe yet. It could be just about anywhere...

Jonas said...

I wonder where it might be...hmm...where would one put a big red binder?... I wonder if it’s in the sofa in the know, you can open up the seat...I wonder if it’s in there...Or if it’s in our sister’s old room...Or in the living room in one of those cupboards next to the tv...