Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Towards the Next Stage

The oral went so-so. It was certainly no breeze-through. I stuttered and forgot words, didn't understand everything that was said to me, etc. With luck, perhaps I passed.

After that ordeal I went to the library and borrowed the fifth Potter-book. I finished the fourth two days ago, probably setting some sort of personal record for the time I've read through a book of that particular size.

At first, the fourth seemed like it would take a turn downwards in quality; it was a lot thicker than the previous three, and it took a bit longer for the groove to get on, so to speak. But soon enough I found myself just as raptured by the fourth as by the third, and as it moved to its' finale, I found my pulse quickening noticeably. It ended with a great cliff-hanger, but still not feeling incomplete.

The only major problems with it I had was 1) Potter's strange maturity for being a teenager, and 2) the careless name-dropping of the term "PlayStation", which was completely unnecessary and narrows the timeframe in which the events occur to the mid-90's.

Here are some apple-blossoms.


mizzaaa said...

That´s a great picture! Will you come to my party?

Ainu said...

Yeah, the books ain't perfect..

I have the sixth one in English here in Vasa, so we could use me loaning it to you an excuse for meeting soon.

I don't want to spend the entire summer without you (and other school people).

BTW, Jyri and others are going out tonight. I don't know if I go..

When's Mizzaaa's party? ;)

I would like to prepare myself for tomorrow.
I got a SMS about the results. What did yours say? I didn't think mine went well..

Ainu said...

I think that Harry was annoying in that book!

Jacke said...

miza said: "Will you come to my party?"

aino said: "When's Mizzaaa's party?"

The party's on saturday, but I don't know yet if I will go or not. I will have to do some soul-searching!

From what I've read of HP5 so far, it seems as if it's Harry's 'puberty'-book.

Jonas said...

I went out last night :p...and i'm going to mizzaa's party

Ainu said...

I think that Jacke deserves to party a little at least. ;)