Saturday, July 22, 2006


I visited a local audio-gear dealer in the week, and found that they had no studio monitors at all in the store! Though they did have a catalogue you could have them order stuff from. There was the previously mentioned Studiopro 3 speakers and the Studiophile DX4, which is basically the same as the Studiopro 4 except for having a couple of extra audio-in connections and being 20€ more expensive. I asked them to check if the Studiopro 4 speakers were available; hopefully they'll be able to get them.

Having investigated a couple of audio forums in search of recommendations for budget audio monitors, I've also come across much info about the importance of acoustics treatment for your listening environment. The most hard-core of audiophiles say that it's just as, if not more important to have the right surroundings as the right audio gear.

One of the biggest names in the acoustics-scene is Ethan Winer (puns about the name being suitable comes to mind), who runs Realtraps, a company making products specifically for absorbing various frequencies.

Here are some pictures from Winer's own livingroom.All those big white things hanging everywhere are various kinds of traps for absorbing problem frequencies.Crazy.
The more basstraps you have in a room, the flatter and tighter the low-end will be. It really is that simple.
Very well if you run the company making them, but regular people probably won't be able to invest hundreds to thousands of dollars in their listening/recording room.

If you have the time/interest, check out the instructional videos they have to see how serious these guys are.


Ainu said...

I can make it again!

(Strawberry cake)

The reson why I didn't invite you to eat it is that I felt I was going to be sick.
And I'm now.

And I hate it!!!!

Jonas said...

You know, I seriously doubt you *need* all those trap thingies and the ultimate environment and all.
I think it is just like buying an electric guitar setup; some people say you should get nothing less than a Gibson Les Paul or US made Fender and match that with a point-to-point hand wired Marshall.

However, truth of the matter is that most people don't *need* that. Most people get by just fine with less than great gear.