Monday, July 17, 2006

Another candidate

Continuing the search for something approaching decent speakers, I've come across the M-Audio Studiopro line (3 & 4s).

M-Audio Studiopro 3

M-Audio Studiopro 4s
They are both a bit more expensive than the Behringer MS16s (89€ for the Studiopro 3, 159€ for the Studiopro 4s, compared to 68€ for the MS16 at, but I do seem to find more info/reviews for the M-Audio speakers. The 4s' are even a featured accessory for Garageband on the Apple page.

I also found a pair of headphones that looked alright, the Behringer HPS3000 for only 19.30€.If I got the Behringer speakers, I could probably pick up the headphones too for the extra dough, as opposed to blowing it all on the speakers.

Though I've come across some bad reviews for all of the products, I guess that's sort of a calculated risk with bottom-of-the-line equipment.

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