Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I dreamt something pretty incredible the other night.

I was back in the upper level of compulsory school (ages 13-15), I don't know which grade it was. One of the class dickheads was being a dickhead as usual, but then I got up from my seat, went right up to him and yelled in his face to "shut the fuck up!" (Roughly translated. I don't recall the exact wording.) Completely without repercussions.

To put that bit into perspective, whenever I've had dreams concerning my tormentors from the past, it always saw me in a state of helpless victimization, so this kind of scene was a major departure from the norm.

It reminded me of "Demons" by Fatboy Slim and Macy Gray.
All of your demons will wither away
Ecstasy comes and they cannot stay
You'll understand when you come my way
Coz all of my demons have withered away
I should search out that CD.


Ainu said...

I strongly believe in dreams.

Happy for you!

Jonas said...

Whenever I have a dream about my demons I end up buttfucking them WITHOUT having the common courtesy of giving them a reacharound. Now THAT is evil...ha haaa...