Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Disaster strikes

It might sound strange, but sometimes I make food. Granted, mostly it's just box-food where all the ingredients are supplied and you just add ground meat or something else, but still.

I did this today, and turned on the oven in preparation for my sausage gratin. What I didn't expect was that the oven was used as a temporary food-storage. By the time I noticed, the porridge in the cup had gotten some extra cooking and the plastic ladle had been significantly reduced. Like so:Scraping off whatever molten plastic from the bottom of the oven was not, repeat, not amusing.

I was a bit worried that the fumes from the remaining plastic would affect the food, but so far I'm still at good health.

1 comment:

Jonas said...

So, did you try to scrape it off while the oven was still warm? I wonder if it would have been easier to let it cool down first...then again, your food would have been ruined then. And we can't have that. That sausage thing is delicious.