Friday, July 07, 2006

Gah. (Heat brings bugs.)

Holy moly, it's hot. As soon as you sit down the sweat sticks your ass to the chair.

The heat also makes the flies giddy, causing them to buzz around incessantly. Since the heat gets me off my fly-swatting game, my kill average has gone down drastically. (Just know I missed the same fly three times in a row when trying to hit it.)

A curious thing is that after a long time of chasing flies around, I still seem to "hear" some sort of buzzing even though I'm pretty sure there's none in the vicinity. I guess it comes from having focused my ears for so long for that sound that when it's removed an 'echo' of it still remains. (Perhaps a bit like the phantom limb phenomenon?)

A black bug started to attack me (it flew towards me menacingly), so I had to smack him down and punish him for his insolence.

Sensitive readers might want to stop at this point.

This is where one of my old friends, the electric swatter, comes in. It's probably wrong to say so, but I would be lying if I said it hadn't brought its share of amusement, not to say variety, to my bug-chasing. Due to my long, shall we say, "history", with the black bugs, I always approached their "treatment", so to speak, with great enthusiasm. Even a quick touch of the electric swatter is enough to throw a bug completely off. (After that, you have the choice of either moving on to other appliances or continuing with the electric, depending on your time and the availability of other instruments.) Of course you can then apply it wherever you please on the insect, but most of the time, if you just shock it quickly first, then turn it on its back and put the swatter on top of it, it will then kling its legs onto the swatter. If you then activate it, the bug will clench its legs even tighter onto the conductive bars, making for an easy incapacitation of it.

Now, I don't want you thinking I'm some kind of psychopathic insect-torturer (though I guess some might be of that opinion no matter what), it's not towards all bugs that I hold this great disliking. I'd say that it's up to two factors: 1) how common the insect is, and 2) what level of annoyance the species is in my life. I tend to have a more favourable attitude towards insects that merely stick to theirs, such as bumblebees and butterflies. (Yes, I do realise that this logic is flawed since the insects probably don't make a conscious effort to intrude into my personal space.) Flies are everywhere during summer, and they easily enter the house and prove to be a great source of annoyance, with their all-too-noticable buzzing and trodding all over food-stuffs. The black bugs might be a bit harder to understand for someone who hasn't lived around here, but they are also make their presence known, scratching around inside the walls during night, running around the basement, seeing one or two running for cover as soon as the shower is turned on. You might also have heard about the time I awoke from a nap to find one right next to me on my pillow (which was quite a shock).

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