Thursday, July 13, 2006


The Coca-Cola company recently changed their formula for Coca-Cola light (aka Diet Coke) in Finland, and it seems in many other countries too, to include the sweetener sucralose instead of aspartame, which was used before.The change in taste is obvious from the first time you taste it. Long story short, it just doesn't taste as good. I found a very good review of the new Coke Light (though in Swedish) that describes very well the issues I have with it.
It's very easy to feel the difference between the two, they taste very differently. The old kind has sort of a sour and sharp taste in comparison to the new, but it also tastes very little of sweetener. The new kind is clearly sweeter, but the sweet taste also brings its evil twin, the unpleasant taste of sweetener. And this is the big question. Is it worth the unpleasant taste of sweetener, just to get a sweeter soda? We say NO! One of the advantages of the old Coca-Cola light is that it isn't so sweet. That way it becomes a better thirst-quencher, and you can drink just about as much as you want. The sweeter the soda is, the faster you get tired of it.
-Fulcola, Coca-Cola light (Sucralose), rough translation
You can probably get used to it, but the current plan is to buy the old kind for as long as I can.

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