Monday, August 28, 2006

Close encounters with the flying kind

If you have had a look at my Flickr album earlier you might have gotten the impression that I've only gotten pictures of dragonflies airborne. I've now uploaded a couple of pictures where the distance is greatly reduced.

I have actually gotten quite a few pictures of dragonflies "up close and personal", so to speak, but unfortunately they've all been relatively small, the larger ones still elude me.But that's not to say that I haven't gotten close to them. Rather the other way around, that they've gotten close to me! It's happened three times that as I was out photographing a really big one would come right up and almost land on me! The first time one flew straight towards me as I was trying to take a picture, coming right up close and inspecting my right arm. I was so shocked that it came so close that I accidentally withdrew my arm in surprise, scaring it away.

The second and third occurences came pretty close together, so I suspect that was one and the same. I had spotted a dragonfly in the road, and I had moved onto the grass by the side of the road to approach from the side, thereby also getting very close to a couple of trees. Then all of a sudden I hard the flaps of a larger one, getting louder and louder. Before I knew it, it was right next to my right ear! By then I was prepared from the last time, so I managed to stay still, hoping it would land on my head(!), so I could point the camera towards it. Unfortunately, it flew away quite quickly, so I didn't get the chance. It did return to have a look at my left ear too, but no luck getting it on picture that time either. (Imagine the picture that would've made: me with a big-ass dragonfly on my ear.)

Summer is almost over, but I've got a couple of shots I really like. I'll try to sort out the best and put them up on Flickr.

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Jonas said...

Man you’re crazy!..or at least that’s what my ex would say. She was deathly afraid of all kinds of flying bugs. If one of those landed on her head she’d...I don’t know what she’d do...either rip her head of and run away or spontaneously explode.