Monday, August 07, 2006

From the cutting-room floor

I added some pictures taken of dragonflies in midair to Flickr. I'm particularly fond of "Gotcha!"

Taking pictures of dragonflies is pretty difficult, even more so when they're flying. I've taken literally hundreds of pictures trying to catch them. (Well, around 200, anyway.) Of course, about 95% of all those are just crap, failed attempts or unclear. Some I have a really hard time deciding whether to keep or not; the following is one such image.Not really so clear, but zooming in just right/below of the centre, it starts to appear.In the end I decided to toss it. There's just too much other stuff around it that steals the attention.
All purchases have been postponed until the budget can hold both the speakers and an external Firewire sound-card. The Behringer is probably the most affordable of them, so it seems as if it will be that one.


Jonas said...

The bottom one is actually pretty good, as you can see the darned thing. If it had been a bit sharper it would have been perfect. I say keep it.

Jacke said...

Uh, the bottom one is an extract from the top one, constituting roughly 1.5% of the original. The question was about if I should keep the original, which is 98.5% crap.

Jonas said...

Right…okay then… No, the original is a donkey’s bollocks… you can’t see what you’re photographing.