Saturday, August 26, 2006

Myoclonic jerks

So last night turned out almost exactly like I thought, except that I almost managed to fall asleep pretty early.

I had gone to bed relatively early, I was pretty tired and for a good while it seemed as if I would actually succeed in getting a good nights sleep. But then, just as I was drifting off, my right arm suddenly twitched, and in seconds I was back into a state of wakenness. Just as I was so close to sleeping mere minutes ago, I now felt more awake than I had ever been during the whole day.

What followed was the usual tossing-and-turning, trying to find a 'good spot', not too hot, not too cold, cursing the pillow for being so uncomfortable, etc. Accompanied with this was the usual line of thoughts that go with insomnia: bad memories, recollections of situations and moments I regret/feel ashamed about. Not a pleasant night. In desperation I went up and got another pillow, and at first it seemed to have worked, as I stopped thinking about weird crap. But as it was, the pillow was a really thick one, raising my head a bit too much. So I switched back to the usual pillow. Better the devil you know, right?

At one moment I looked at the clock and saw that I had been lying awake for more than two hours. How long I lay awake after that I can't say.

Oh, as for the title, that's what the involuntary twitches are called: myoclonic jerks.


Ainu said...

I have that kind of nights too.
Luckily, only few times a year.

This morning I remembered something not pleasant and shed two or three tears. Then the sunny day cheered me up. I shall wash the dishes and listen some music.

A change in the rutine is good for your memory, they say.

Jonas said...

Maybe you should try those relaxation tapes or something. It'll probably take your mind off things.

I am at the point that I've stopped caring about not falling asleep. I used to get all stressed because I knew I'd be tired the next day but these days I just accept it as a fact. I can't sleep, so what?

Ainu said...

That's what my psychology teacher said one should think if one can't sleep:

"I can't sleep, so what?"

Meditation could also help.