Sunday, August 20, 2006


Just a couple of days now until the Japanology starts again. A bit crap that I didn't get anything done this summer, but those are the breaks. Oh, well, in any case I've watched some Japanese TV-shows (unsubbed), so it's not like I've completely ignored it.

I am now in "preparation-mode". I've got an appointment to get my increasingly long hair cut tomorrow, after which it will be a bit easier to handle/fix; important when we have those morning-lessons and I wake up late and have to do everything in a hurry.

Something else I've done is to enter some verb-charts from the Oxford Starter Japanese Dictionary into a spreadsheet. I took the opportunity to test Google spreadsheets at the same time. Neat, but a bit slow. It makes up for it by not being Microsoft, I guess. (Besides, Excel pukes out shit when you try to enter Japanese.)

Something else I've done is to put a bunch of new kanji into JFC. I haven't started yet, because trying to learn from it is pretty bad. I use it almost exclusively for rehearsing the kanji that we've already gone through in class, meaning I've got something to build on. Being confronted with a big slab of ~500 new kanji that you haven't gone through before is a bit uncomfortable.

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