Monday, August 14, 2006

Presents and cake

There was a small event on Saturday, in celebration of, uh, me.

Some presents were recieved and chocolaty cake was eaten, and a phenomenon of nature was observed. It happened whilst we were sitting in the garden, relaxing. It was pretty warm, but with some cool breezes. Suddenly a very strange sound was heard, and Mr. Kong produced a yelp in astonishment (which of those came first, I do not remember). Looking out to the field, we all saw a small tornado out there in the middle of the golden barley! Incredible!

What exactly the sound was I do not know, I'm guessing it occurred when it was formed. It sounded almost like a small house suddenly and quickly crashing in on itself; imploding, perhaps.

In any case: presents. I got a special issue of the Studio magazine concerning home-studios from my brother, and from my sister I got the Collateral DVD. I watched it yesterday, and it was really, really good. It was interesting to see Tom Cruise in a bad-guy role. It wasn't until the ending credits that I noticed that it was directed my Michael Mann, the same guy who wrote and directed one of my favourite movies ever, Heat.

If you haven't yet seen Boards of Canadas first music video, do yourself a favour and check it out right now.

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