Thursday, September 14, 2006


Yesterday I was to the dentist, where they filled up a mysterious hole and scraped off some tartar (another word for it is "calculus" if you can believe that; strange that one name of it also means a member of a Mongolian tribe and another is about maths). It's always a bit creepy when they scrape around in the mouth and when they go right up to the gums it often starts to bleed. I remember the previous time when it was done at the dental hygienist, it looked like I had bitten the head of an animal or something. Though I guess it goes pretty well with my fangs.

I finished watching the Gokusen drama the other day, continuing my tradition of watching the last two episodes of a drama in one sitting. My final verdict: 3 of 5. Quite funny, but it got pretty predictable. It's not something I'd recommend, but if you don't have anything better to do...

Another thing I'm about to finish is Yukio Mishima's Spring Snow (finally). Just a couple of chapters left now, and after that I'm planning on getting ahold of some of the required reading for the spring literary course.

Looks like Blogger finally has gotten the labels activated for all beta blogs!
When you're writing a post, you'll have a space at the bottom of the form marked "Labels for this post." Enter whatever labels you like, separating them with commas. You can also click the "show all" link to display a list of labels you've used previously. Then just click on the labels to add them.
I've planned to go through my old posts and label them according to what areas they touch on.

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