Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Tempest

Today has been incredibly windy. Luckily the morning was pretty calm, except for a brief, but intensive, rain that ocurred while we were in class, so I managed to avoid travelling in the worst of it.

Today was actually pretty good. I got quite a lot of sleep for once, which left me feeling better than usual during the lesson. I got to bed before 12 o'clock, which is somewhat incredible for me. (I wonder a bit how long it's been since I went to bed at that kind of time.)

I've been watching another Japanese drama-series lately, called Gokusen. I don't remember exactly where I heard of it, but I felt like watching a new drama and I happened to come across it. I had originally intended watching it unsubbed, but it turns out that finding raws for stuff that's readily translated is pretty difficult (since everyone's uploading the translated version instead).

In any case, it's a fairly straight-forward school drama in the vein of Great Teacher Onizuka. While not as good or engaging as GTO, it's alright if you don't mind overlooking some of its weirdness (like how the main character is the granddaughter of a yakuza-boss getting into teaching).

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