Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Bugs in my life: Fruit flies

We're having a drawn-out autumn here, but that still doesn't mean it's exactly healthy to walk home from the club in the middle of the night, as I have now gotten a nasty flu. (This could mean that my so-far perfect attendande in school is broken... Oh well, it was bound to happen.)

Another thing is that the warm autumn has brought is a recent invasion of fruit flies. I was thoroughly convinced of this invasion as I arose on Saturday only to walk into a cloud of them at the bottom of the stairs. Not being the guy who has his privacy invaded by small bugs, I decided to fight back, and found instructions to building a simple trap.

Here you see roughly how the first version of the trap looked.Though this isn't the first one, it's built the same way: clear plastic cup, topped with clear plastic sheet with a couple of holes in the top so they get in and with a piece of apple as bait. The very first version was a bit of a failure since none went in, but plenty hovered around; so I sat down and noticed they would go around the holes, but the holes were too small. A simple procedure and a few minutes later I saw the first fruits (pun intended) of my trappings.

The article that I got the build instructions from said that they wouldn't be able to find out, but I noticed that some of the did find their way out again. Cearly I needed something more secure. (Even though I caught plenty this way.)

Enter trap version 2.This new trap is larger, and instead of just holes in the plastic on top, I cut up some straws and attached them, making it impossible for them to find the exits simply by waking around in the roof long enough. With time I've noticed that this isn't entirely secure either, so for 2.1 I've planned to make the straws narrower as they lead down, and that way hopefully discouraging entering from within the container.

I don't think we'll be rid of them any time soon, but I'll fight them on the lands, on the beaches and on the seas with all my might! And when the world looks back on my life, they will say, "This was his finest hour!"


Jonas said...

It’s funny how you get obsessed with these kind of things. I don’t give a rats ass about those flies, certainly not enough to start building traps..Anyway, they recently had a poll on the radio asking if people had problems with fruit flies so apparently lots of people do..

Personally, I think your finest hour was when you got so wasted you thought you’d die and started writing some sort of will, which you didn’t understand a word of later. I think one letter was an A though.

Ainu said...

Funny ;)

We have had those fruit flies too. Eero bothers more about them than I.
But he's too lazy to do anything really effective..

One evening we drank white wine and the flies went crazy trying to reach my glass. Then I killed them all. Muahahhahaa