Monday, October 23, 2006

The Knife

Last Friday was a huge 5-hour long special of a Swedish music-show (Musikbyrån) where they showed some clips from the last 10 years of the show, and among the clips was a live by The Knife, who had some really groovy tracks, especially "Heartbeats". Click the link to see the music video and be washed over by the awesomeness of it. (Though the Deep Cuts album that it's from is a bit uneven, I discovered after having searched it out on a local P2P network.)

Speaking of music, I haven't really played a lot while sick, but this night I felt I was pretty productive, sitting down in front of the keyboard for a bit. One section could become a pop-tune with a bit of work, and another will probably become the next piano-only piece I upload. Though both are far from completion, I feel they both have potential.

I've been wanting to learn other applications for music production other than Garageband for a while, but after having looked closer at both Reason and Logic Express I've come to the conclusion that they're both quite a bit more advanced, and more complicated, than GB. I'm certain that it would be beneficial for me to learn them, but right now it's more appealing to just load up the piano sample in Garageband and play. Maybe when we start recording some guitar I'll explore Logic along with the virtual amplifiers it has.


James said...

Honestly, I can't stand Reason. Don't bother with it in my opinion - it's badly-designed, cramped, inflexible, the sequencer and midi implementation is a joke, etc etc. You can't load any standard plug-ins and are forced to use their useless "refill" samples, you can't use any NI stuff, I could go on and on.

GarageBand is amazingly powerful for such a simple program. Have you played with any plugins yet? You know you can using them in GB, right? Downloaded the Jam Packs? It really is a very deep, yet simple and accessible, program. I love it, to be honest. And after that, you can import everything straight into Logic .. what a great system.

Logic's a lot more complex, yet also a lot more powerful. But it's definitely worth learning.

Just don't waste your time with Reason! In my humble opinion, of course! ^_^

Jacke said...

I haven't acquired the Jam packs yet since I'm not sure how much disk space they require... (Running a bit low.) I'm a big fan of GB myself, so I'll probably use it for quite some time further, moving projects that need more to Logic Express.

What I would want from Reason would be better synthesizer sounds. Of course there are some soft-synths in Logic, but it seems like you get much more possibilities with Reason.

But the sequenser in Reason sucks major ass. I found that when you record a chord, and want to change the velocity of the notes, the notes all appear on top of each other!

Jonas said...

Well, umm...strictly speaking, a chord is just that; notes on top of each other, ringing together. If you hear the individual notes of a chord it's an arpeggio..What do you mean; velocity of notes? Do you mean you change a quarter note to a 16th note or something?

Jacke said...

Velocity is what "power" the note has, ie. the harder you strike the keys, the higher velocity.

Checking Reason again, you *can* change the velocity of each note, but you need to do it via bringing up the contextual menu and selecting "change events". Still a lot more hassle than Garageband.

Sho Fukamachi said...

Jacke if you want better synth sounds download some softsynths. You can use any standard Audio Unit-compatible softsynth in GB.

As for "much more possibilities in Reason" - this is the opposite of the truth! There are many, many more virtual instruments available for the open architectures of Logic and GB (AU) than the proprietary Reason system. That's one reason I dislike Reason!!

And yes the Jam Packs are pretty huge. But many softsynths are only a couple of MB. Email me if you want more info : )