Monday, October 30, 2006


I was asked recently if I watched Weeds, which would indeed suit my profile since I do consider myself to be quite liberal when it comes to drugs (even though I don't use any myself). I haven't been watching, however, since it's on at the same time as Slings and Arrows, a drama-comedy about a theater-group focusing on Shakespeare's works struggling to survive. It seems to be the second season, as the info I have found about that says it is then they do Macbeth. (It's too bad that I'm still reading through Henry the Sixth myself... But I'm going to do them chronologically.)

In any case; choosing between drugs and Shakespeare, Shakespeare comes out on top.

I was also asked recently if there is anything from Japan that I would like for Christmas that would need to be ordered in time. Well, of course there are many things, but the two main ones are a couple of DVDs:
TM Network - Final Live Last Groove 5.18
TM Network - Decade
Links lead to CDJapan, I've shopped there myself many times (though always using cash).

Addition: I "found" Muse's latest album Black Holes and Revelations through a clever combination of internet cunning and Google. It sounds very, very interesting, with what sounds like some classical influences, too. Granted, it's not like all of the tracks are killer, but the ones that are good sound really good.

Winter is now upon us.
But some trees still defy the season with their green leaves.

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