Wednesday, October 11, 2006


No, I haven't started serious running (though it would probably do me good), but I have been unusually active as a side-effect of my activities.

Today I decided I would finally get some of my 8cm CDs from Japan converted into a more practical, lossless format. But due to the unusual dimensions of the discs, I couldn't use the eMac since it has a "cup-holder" tray.

The ancient iMac upstairs, on the other hand, has a snap-on tray (I think most laptops also have the same mechanism). The one small hitch is all that I have to move the files around is a 100MB USB1.1 Zip-drive. (Actually the drive is 250, but I only have 100MB disks.)

So I had to first rip the CDs on the iMac upstairs in full CD quality, then load them onto Zip-disks (one file per disk), run downstairs, load them onto the eMac, then back upstairs again. Repeat about a dozen times. Took around five hours (with a break for food in-between).

And I still haven't done any homework today.


Ainu said...

I was just a bit weak.. Hope you are alright by now.

Sho Fukamachi said...

Why didn't you just carry one of the computers to the other one temporarily?! You could have run a cable between them and transferred everything in 2 minutes.