Saturday, October 14, 2006


As the last effects of alcohol leave me*, I can look back on the last 24 hours with a better sense of scope.

For those who don't know, a "sits" is basically a student party, something that seems to be quite popular in these parts of the world (ie. Finland). As this was the first "sits" I have been to, I'm no expert in the subject, but that's the impression I've gotten.

*It should be noted that I'm not just talking about the sobering-up period, instead I see it as a roughly 24-hour period; before I feel completely "clean" I need to have 1) slept after the night of partying, 2) taken a dump, and 3) showered. In that order. Anyway, back to 30 hours ago.

I arrive at the scene only to find it in complete chaos. Not knowing what needs to be done there's not much I can do, so I just watch everyone else run around like headless chickens.

After a while of that everything is in order and ready for action. First on the agenda seems to be introduction of the first-years in a weird ceremony where they take some sort of pledge, they kneel and water(?) is squirted in their faces, and then they are seated not knowing it's a ploy to get them to eat something weird.

This seemed to me hopelessly pointless, as I've never been a fan of humiliating rituals.

When we were all seated a whole bunch of rules as equally pointless as the "ceremony" at the start. Fortunately whatever possible "bad mood"-seed that had planted was squashed once we got to food and drinks.

Now, when people drink, a lot of different personality traits can appear; some get are really mean drunks while others are of the jovial kind. Though it's not really proper to classify oneself, seeing as a matter you're not quite objective about, I would say that I'm clearly in the latter group. However, when in school (or generally with people I haven't spent a great amount of time with), I'm often purely business. Which means that if you've only seen the business-side, you might be in for a shock when you see the jovial side. (Being the youngest child of three, it's quite natural that I would have a bit of clown in me.)

For obvious reasons, the exact events escape me, but there was singing, drinking, more singing (which was probably increasingly out of tune as the evening progressed), and lots of games. One of the more interesting things were the scetches performed, one of them featuring me as an adolturous husband who is discovered by his wife and then performs ritual suicide. I just hope it was as fun watching as it was acting it! The only problem was that since we had so very little time to prepare it that there was no real dialogue or explanation of what was happening. (I realised later that we could have put someone as a narrator.)

After a couple hours of fun and games we headed to a club nearby where I danced my ass off! Finished it off with The Chemical Brothers' Galvanize, which took the last drop out of me, so I eventually decided I'd better be going. I was accompanied a bit on the way by Aino, who seemed very doubtful about my abilities of traversing the great distance ahead of me. But I made it, though I don't know how long it took me. (I've walked further in worse shape once on Åland, where I actually thought I would die from alcohol-poisoning.)

And what came after was quite a bad hangover and not enough sleep due to a visit from an old Finnish friend (or perhaps not "friend"), Yrjö. Fortunately I didn't have anything important scheduled for the day, so I could wallow in bed, eventually taking on my pants at 5 PM, or so.

Coincidentally, both times I've tasted sake, it has made a repeat on me. I don't have the stomach to be a big sake-enjoyer, methinks.


Jonas said...

You forgot to mention the rolled up towel on the bathroom floor and the throw up remains in the toilet... oh and you left the milk out.

Cool you had a good time though. I'm impressed about you taking part in the sketch though. Maybe you could become an actor or something :P

Ainu said...

Jacke-san was very into it!!!

We didn't have much time to talk about the sketch - so we just did what first came in our minds.

Maybe that is why we didn't have anyone narrating it. Or maybe --- it was just my interest in mute films and mime...