Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas presents

Since I'm absolutely positive that people want to know what I want for Christmas presents, here are a few things... In order of most feasible/affordable to least:

Boards of Canada - Transcanadian Highway (CD)
House of Flying Daggers (DVD)
Monty Python's Flying Circus - Best of (DVD)
The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Box (DVD)
TM Network - Final Live Last Groove 5.18 and Decade (DVD)
Another Code 2: Memory (Japanese version)
Ultimate DX-48 keyboard stand (preferably black)
A 512MB stick of RAM that fits the eMac (for those interested, here are the specs for those)
Roland Juno-D
New computer, maybe a Mac Mini?

more later as I think of something...

Update: has a returned FM7 for 82€!
Re-update: so it went pretty quickly, but if you find it for cheap somewhere... ;)


Ainu said...

What a wonderful blog entry.

I'm going to make my list!

Jonas said...

You have an expensive taste. It's like...2o bucks...or 500 middle ground it seems.

Jacke said...

"It's like...20 bucks...or 500 middle ground it seems."

BoC CD: ~10-15
Flying Daggers: ~10
Monty Python DVD: ~40
Man From... DVD: ~40
TM Network DVDs(2): ~55$
Ultimate DX48: ~90-100
RAM: ~90-100
Basstraps: ~200 (depending on shipping)

Jonas said...

h, I assumed the dvd's were like 20 bucks... okay then, I stand corrected. I won't spend 100 bucks though.

Jacke said...

Huwhat! Don't you loooove me?!?!

Sho Fukamachi said...

lol at "O RLY"