Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Loose ends tied up

Today was a nice day in that a couple of things got cleared up. First, we finally got the room all wallpapered. Now I can start actually putting things in order.

Second, more importantly, I got the shit today. I called the post office in the afternoon, after I figured they had gotten the next batch of mail. Sure enough, they packages had arrived. Off I went! It was a bit tricky since I needed to pay cash and I needed more than the amount I had set as a daily withdrawal-limit on the ATM... In a stroke of good fortune, the bank was still open, so I could just wander in and do a withdrawal "manually", so to speak.

The boxes! One from ESI, the other a Thomann box.Opening the Thomann box I found the Firewire Solo and the cables I had ordered (2xTRS, 1xXLR) with lots of bubble-plastic around it; but not the regular bubble-plastic with small bubbles, this was sort of a chain with BIG bubbles. Additionally, the Firewire Solo was also surrounded by foam in its own box.Opening the ESI box, I found... two smaller boxes! Inside those were the nEar 05 speakers.But before I got to hook everything up and enjoy my new listening, there was a lot to do. I was going to do a complete re-shuffling of the computer-table (and clean up a bit at the same time). The main problem was that I've been keeping the keyboard on the right side of the table, but since I need to fit a speaker there, that won't do anymore. I'd have to place it beside the table, right or left. On the right side is a doorway, so that position was immediately rejected. But: for it to be on the left side, I'd need an ass-long USB-cable; luckily, the cable to the printer was of ass-length. And so, with switching the printer to a shorter cable, I would have to put it on the right. I'd also have to put the Firewire Solo on the right so it would be closer to the "recording booth" (aka the closet). Anyway, the new setup:
I also moved the external harddrive to the right, meaning the firewire-cable is not as stretched out and I have better access to the on-off switch.

So how does it sound? Well, it's certainly a world of difference from the built-in speakers. Of course my ears aren't trained well enough to know what they should sound like, but with listening and tweaking the placement I'll probably find something. The tweeters should be level with your ears, so they're still a little too low. I'm going to cut up a mat of camping foam I bought just for this occasion and prop them up a bit. Just moving my head down so the ears are at tweeter-height gives a very pleasant sound-sensation, which is promising for this whole operation.

I was also a bit worried about the Firewire Solo, having read about problems with bad drivers, the documentation stating a minimum of 512MB RAM required and whatnot. But so far so good! Of course, I haven't tried recording anything yet, which will be the true test. (Hopefully that will work out, too.)


Jonas said...

Would you have any use for a keyboard stand?

Jacke said...

Hmm... Maybe. It does get a bit bothersome to have to lift the keyboard up off the floor everytime I want to jam a bit.

Jonas said...

I was wondering if one of those would fit somewhere or not..maybe along the wall on the left side? .. Anyway, saw they had some for like 30 € at Lidl.

Jacke said...

Not along the wall since the cable isn't long enough; about the only possibility would be to have it perpendicular to the wall on the left of the table. You can have a look next time you're around.