Monday, November 13, 2006


Today we started putting up new wallpaper in my room, which means it's a complete mess there and it stinks of wallpaper paste. Of course I hadn't realised that was scheduled for this week; I had planned to cram some kanji and write a short text in Japanese about Norwegian Wood. Now I have a bit less time to do that...

Another new thing that is about to arrive, hopefully this week, is the audio equipment I've talked about on many previous occasions, namely the M-Audio Firewire Solo audio interface and the ESI nEar 05 speakers. I'm very excited to get some better listening than the eMac built-in speakers. (The lack of exclamation points do not indicate sarcasm; I am just too tired from wallpapering to be that excited.)While on the subject of music, I want to say that the FM7 software synthesizer is really cool, but really complicated. Not having any previous experience with synthesis doesn't help, I guess.

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