Friday, December 01, 2006

Titus Andronicus

As some know, I've been reading in my Complete Works of William Shakespeare in the evenings before I go to sleep, and the other night I finished off Titus Andronicus.

And I must say that I was a bit shocked at how brutal it was. Not far into the play was a scene where the daughter of Titus Andronicus was raped and her tongue was cut off so she wouldn't be able to say who did it, and her hands were cut off so she wouldn't be able to write it.

After that I'm really looking forward to The Comedy of Errors, which I hope is a bit more uplifting.

And tomorrow, Borat! About the only clip of it I've seen is the first four minutes available on Youtube, so it's basically completely unspoilt for me. Unlike the Matrix sequels where it seemed that all the money shots had been shown in the endless previews, trailers, commercials and 'making-of's already.


Jonas said...

She could've written it down with her toes too...or nose...or dragged her ass around in the sand. No, the best thing for the culprits would've been to put her in a wood chipper and feed the remaisn to pigs...But I guess they didn't have wood chippers back then.

Jacke said...

She did manage to communicate it in the end by writing it in the sand with a stick held in her mouth, guiding it with her remaining stumps. After that Titus had the culprits made into a dish that he served to their mother (who had masterminded it all).

Jonas said...

Wow...Shakespeare copied Suth Park. stratman

Jonas said...

I meant Cartman.