Friday, January 12, 2007

Clever title

24 hours back I was busy studying for a test I had today, cramming as many kanji-compounds as I could inside my little head. To clarify: the bigger of my small heads. But it turned out to be quite in vain since none of my favourites came up in the test; no "safety valve", no "stain", no "income tax" or "inheritance tax". But it went alright anyway, I guess. It could have gone a lot worse.

Though it wasn't a breeze-through by any means, I felt that it was a bit easier to get through than the last kanji-test where I basically stalled when it came to the compounds, so perhaps it did do some good to study them extra this time around.

And now that that's done I can do some serious relaxing! After I had come home and had some food I plopped down and played a big chunk of Broken Sword 3: The Sleeping Dragon, which is only one of the games I've gotten during the latest month. Though I didn't get any games for Christmas, I've been busy scouring local shops, webshops and online auction-sites for treasure; and I have indeed found some.

It all started after I saw Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory for around 10€ in a supermarket. I hadn't quite enough cash on me to get it that day, so I thought I'd pick it up the next day. But the next day it was gone! (As noted earlier.) Well, I was so set on getting it after having read up on it that I searched it out on an online auction and got it that way. And it continued from there...

First I searched out Broken Sword 3 from the same auction-site. After that I noticed Half-Life 2 for 17€ at an online shop. Then I stumbled upon Metal Gear Solid 2 in the same supermarket I'd seen SC: CT in, picked that up for around 10€. And now today after I came home from the test, I decided to bid on Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. That'll be five (5!) games in the timespan of one month! Crazy, but as the first Xbox is on its way out, many good games are going at great prices. For a bit over what a completely new game would cost, I've gotten my hands on some good pieces of gaming.

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