Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Krazy Katakana vol.2

As a continuance of an earlier post, here are some more Japanese loanwords.

ムック: Combine a magazine with a book and you get a "muck".

オブジェ: An object.

スタバ: Another one of the abbreviations that the Japanese are fond of, Starbucks.

ナチスト: Nazi.

チューター: Tutor.

バン: This is one of the weirder ones, since removing the last "g" makes it so removed from the original word, "bang".

ギャラ: Guarantee/fee paid to performing artists; I had big problems with this word, because when I first came across it, it was used in a context where the English meaning of "guarantee" wasn't appropriate. Only after a bit of digging did I get the second meaning, which proved much more suitable.

イメージダウン: Ruining one's image.

タラップ: Ramp. I have no idea where that comes from...

リュック: Backpack. Equally stumped...

サンダー: Thunder. This I was incredibly perplexed by; "sander", perhaps..? But in retrospect, it's obvious that the English "th" would be substituted with a simple "s" sound.

スリーサイズ: Three sizes, refering to bust, hip and waist. Well, where in the world could I have come across this expression? *whistles innocently* Oh my, looks like rain, doesn't it?

サビ: Refrain, chorus. This was another really tricky one. I had come across it on multiple forums, most in musical context, so I had a hunch it could mean that. In the end I eventually fould confirmation on the Japanese Wikipedia, doing a search for the word.

ユーモア: Humour. Ha ha!

Bonus 1: Strange how movie titles can change across continents... Karate kid becomes ベスト・キッド, "Best Kid".

Bonus 2: Not strictly a katakana word, but something I came across, started wondering about and eventually found a meaning for: the phrase "kwsk". Seemingly random letters, no? Well, it's short for "KuWaShiKu", 詳しく.

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Anonymous said...

"リュック: Backpack. Equally stumped..."

comes from rucksack, which is the british word for backpack.