Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Ending

I sat around plink-plonking the other day which resulted in this tune, which for some reason I chose to call Happy Ending. For those who want to save a click, here's a direct link to the MP3 (VBR).


Anonymous said...

A great compositional improvement on your previous efforts. You are now being hampered by your bad technique, especially left hand - just playing a chord every bar is repetitive and annoying. Perhaps try simple arpeggios as an accompaniment to the melody?

Anyway, good work, keep it up! ^_^

Jacke said...

Thanks for the comment! (I'm assuming it's either Max or Sho...)

I did try playing triplets with the left hand, but that placed the notes on the same place as the melody line, which made it sound a bit odd. But, yeah, I should work on my technique.