Friday, March 09, 2007

I love Thursdays

In some odd, masochistic way, I really like Thursdays.

I feel some backstory is in order. When we started the second year of Japanology, our classes were now to be in the morning, rather than in the afternoon as it was in the first year. I've never been a morning-person, but I've managed pretty well thus far.

Of course, it was never going to be just morning lessons. On Thursday afternoons we now also have lessons on Japanese classical literature. And after that we might have some movie to watch (that ties in with the literature) or a course in Theory and Methodics to prepare us for our eventual Bachelor's thesis. Now, there are a couple of hours between lessons, but having half an hour by car to school means that it's pretty much useless to go home just for a short hour or two, and then drive right back; so instead I've been spending the time in school, reading, studying or doing the homework for the next day (in case it needs doing).

This means that in Thursdays I now spend around twelve hours away from home. In one way it's really hard, but there's just something cool about it: going away in the mornings, for lunch I just hop into a store and get something simple, then back to school to eat, and after a long day finally come home and drop dead in bead. Very student-like of me, no?

For lunch, I've found a convenient little chicken-sallad box that I've started buying. The only thing in it that I don't like is the tomatos, but it doesn't bother me that much. Coupled with a piece of rye from home I can manage for a while. I've also realised that it would probably be much easier to eat the sallad-box with sticks rather than the spoon I usually snag from the ice-cream dept., and I will see how that goes next week.

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Ainu said...

I hate Wednesdays. Thursday has always been my day. I think I was born on Thursday. And Bowie's Thursday's child is a good song.