Thursday, March 01, 2007

Matters of the heart

Sometimes I do wish that I, like Terry Lin or countless of other bloggers, could write freely without inhibitions about the details of the more sensitive parts of my life. It is, however, an extremely conscious choice not to do so; already from the start I chose to try not to bring up anything that can be "pinned" on me, so to speak.

I would speak a lie if I said that there are not human beings in existence that interest me. It is an undeniable fact as clear as the approaching spring. But that doesn't mean that there is a clear way forward.

Often there are obstacles, questions and doubts. Deep down there's a romantic part of me that wants to think that love can conquer all, but the practical side of me says otherwise. The attraction might be one-sided, there might be mutual attraction with neither of the parties taking the crucial first step, and two peple might be attracted to each other at completely different times; one person hot while the other is cold and vice versa.

Besides that, there might be other factors such as age-difference, other significant others or geographical inconveniences.

A tangent: I remember speaking to one of my friends long ago at an informal event (ie. alcohol was available), and he made the remark that it didn't specifically matter if the other person had a significant other if they didn't prove to be of geographical vicinity. But I disagree, I do believe it matters, in that there is a kind of social responsibility, and not just thinking of your own needs and wants. If the two have a good thing going, I think that you have a certain obligation to stay out of the way.

Matters of the heart are never easy.

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