Monday, March 26, 2007

Spot the faulty ingredient

First measure up 100 grams of margarine. (I chopped it up to prepare for the mixing; you can also heat it a bit in the microwave if you want.)Things you'll need next: sugar, cocoa powder and vanilla sugar.Put in 8 table-spoons of sugar, 4 table-spoons of cocoa, 2 tea-spoons of vanilla sugar, and one tangerine (for taste).Next, you'll need porridge oats (that's the word I got from the translator) and milk (not pictured), which you add as needed (really, that's how I do it too, I've never taken note of the exact amounts).Mix and stir into a dough. Be conservative with the milk, if you put too much it'll start looking more like porridge than chocolate balls. The dough needs to be sticky enough so you'll be able to roll it, but not stickier.Prepare two plates, one with shredded cocoanut meat.Next, start rolling.Roll the balls around in the shredded cocoanut meat. (Does anyone have a better word in English for this? It really bothers me to use long phrases like that for something that simple.)Keep going until all the dough is used, then put in the fridge and eat.


Anonymous said...

The Cacao? :-)

Ainu said...

I hate cocoanut.
But I guess it can be replaced with something else...

Tonight I saw dreams about cupcakes.