Thursday, April 05, 2007

Saturday feeling

There's something about going out after having also had something else on the schedule for the day that makes it seem like two separate days. It's like I would count only one event per day.

This usually throws off my perception of which day it is, and it gets even more obvious when I go out in the middle of the week, as was the case yesterday as I was invited to a small gathering followed by a visit to the highest located bar in town. When I've gone out in the past, it has most often been on the weekends, so I've had the odd feeling that it's Saturday or Sunday the whole day. (I kept expecting my brother to come home and checked the TV-schedule for when the usual Sunday-programing was on.)

I also got an opportunity to practice my Japanese as there was a Japanese exchange student there. It actually went pretty well, which was good, because talking is the one thing I think I feel most nervous about. I still had to use quite a lot of English; I think the end result was something like 70% English, 30% Japanese.

Another good thing about yesterday was that the dance-floor was wonderfully unpopulated (even though it was small). I was driving, which meant it took a while for me to loosen up, but I did, and dancing felt just as good as ever.

In my past I've often had situations where I was under quite a lot of stress due to the supression of the "fight or flight"-instinct. When I started going out I discovered that dancing was a great release for the pent-up ; so much that I came to see standing at the bar or chatting to friends merely what you while taking a break from dancing. Since dancing is so closely related to running, the connection was obvious.

I guess that this, in turn, is also the reason why I like DDR (the dancing game, not the German Democratic Republic).

The only bad thing was that I had had so much Coke (the soft drink, not the drug) that I couldn't sleep properly 'til around 7 AM...

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