Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The cram

Clocking in at roughly six hours of kanji today. I feel I've gotten a little bridge-head in the seemingly inpenetrable shore of kanji-land. The test is still a couple of weeks away, but I'm incredibly relieved that I had the will-power to start cramming so soon, because with all the other stuff that needs doing there might not be time later.

I've talked about JFC before, but thought I'd talk a bit more about it since that's what has saved my ass so many times. More specifically, my way of using it. I usually set it to show the English meaning, and then I rehearse readings and writing/stroke order, with focus on writing (meaning it's whether I remember how it's written that decides whether I mark it as right or wrong). When I begin a new batch, I set it to duplicate missed cards with the default frequency of 20. This means (if I've understood it correctly) that the missed card repeats every 20th card. I do this so I'll really get it burned into my head. I continue the session until the number of remaining cards (that is, including the repeating missed cards) reach 3-5000, then I quit it and start a new session (once you've gone for a bit almost every card is a repeat, which gets a bit tiresome). I continue like that until I it starts taking too long for new cards to appear, and then I switch off "duplicate missed cards" and run through the whole batch (usually in one sitting). The missed cards are now just moved to the end of the pack without repeating, so once I've cleared all the ones I know, I hunker down and start trudging through the bottom of the pack.

Once that's cleared I repeat a couple of times until I can get an accuracy rate of around 80%.

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Ainu said...

I've been writing Literary History Essay and competition papers this weekend... Only comp. essay left.

Maybe I have time for kanji on Monday, and Tuesday, and Wednesday..
But I'm sure I won't pass.
Should I just try to learn the grammar part?!?!

Logically the best thing to do.. Isn't the thing that Aino does.