Saturday, May 12, 2007

Potter, etc.

I don't really know why I watch the Harry Potter films as I'm constantly thinking of how different from the book(s) they are. I found the fourth for 5€ the other day, which I bought on an impulse. (Of course, since I hadn't seen the third yet I felt compelled to download it... I guess it evens out in the end.)

I always start feeling a bit queazy after having spent the whole day studying kanji. Perhaps it's just lack of fresh air, but I feel really sickened by it when I'm nearing the end of a ~400 kanji-session.

I am officially fed up with one of the music stores in town. I've been in three times in the last couple of weeks to try out Roland's Juno-D. First time they said that they just sold off the last one, sorry, but they'll get a couple by the weekend that are going to a school, come in then. Second time, sorry, they came and picked them up already, come back next week. Third time, sorry, they're in Copenhagen.



Anonymous said...

I highly recommend the Juno-D, it's a great keyboard! You're thinking of getting one?


Jacke said...

It stands between the Juno-D, the Korg X50 and the new Yamaha MM6. I'll be going to Stockholm soon, where there will most certainly be a wider selection than here, hopefully I'll have time to search out a good store where I can try a couple out.