Thursday, May 31, 2007

Stockholm syndrome

So I was to Stockholm last week. Which was nice. It was a study-visit to the Institute for Oriental Languages at Stockholm University, just a quick couple-of-days drop-by.

We left Sunday the 20th, taking the ferry during the night. The beds were horrible and I got only a couple of hours sleep, but I survived. We arrived in Stockholm at some ungodly hour, and right as we stepped off the ship we had to hump all our luggage a couple of kilometers to and from subway stations, on our way to the hotel where we were to dump it.

Subway in the morning
Having disposed of our luggage, we headed back to the subway for more subterranean adventures. First we went to Stockholm University and checked out their stuff (campus, library, etc.) and tried some calligraphy.

Having done that we headed off to a street called Tegnér-gatan where there were a couple of Japan-related shops. I got some reading material (a book and a newspaper, not tentacle-porn), a writing pen (for practicing calligraphy... hopefully I'll use it someday, too) and some candy (Pocky). After that we went pretty much our separate ways, I tagged onto a group heading for some sci-fi bookshop, which turned out to be a wild-goose chase as we never got there. Hungry from all the walking we found a couple of others and went to this Korean place and got some eatin'. And that was pretty much day 1. Headed back to the hotel and the bed there.

Day 2 we went to visit a couple of museums, the Ethnological Museum and the East-Asian Museum. At the Ethnological Museum was a little tea-house that we got to see. Which was nice. In comparison, the East-Asian Museum was quite a let-down as they had a higher admission price and was crappier. They were doing some renovations and not all exhibitions were available. After that we were free to roam the town again. We wandered about a bit, eventually figuring food would be in order.

Sergel's Square. All the people there are drug-dealers
Having eaten at some mongolian thing, time was getting short and I finally figured I might be able to check out some synthesizers. So I headed for the nearest store, but it turned out that they didn't have any Juno-Ds or X50s. I got mad and punched the guy in the face. Ok, not really. Time was running out fast, and we had to get back and meet the rest of the people to get back to the ship, so I couldn't visit any other stores.

Finally, we had a little party on the ship, celebrating a pleasant journey. When I got home, I failed the test we had the following day.


Ainu said...

It's not true...
It's impossible."

If you failed.. What will happen to me...........??

Ainu said...

I mean. I have not studied then as much as you. I will suck.

Jacke said...

I think you over-estimate how much I've studied... The plan was to study compounds and grammar during Stockholm, but that didn't work out, so I had basically studied nothing (apart from some kanji).

If we both study I believe we can both pass!