Sunday, May 20, 2007


Today I burned a pair of my brother's underwear. But that's getting ahead of the story a bit.

I'm leaving for Stockholm tomorrow, capital of Sweden, home of a lot more music shops than are in Vaasa. This means preparation, which brings with it searching for clothes to cover my otherwise naked body with, in order to spare others from the sight of my nakedness. During the process of searching, I came across an old pair of underwear belonging to my brother, discarded due to the being holy. You know, full of holes.

So they weren't being of any use, an idea was formed. Why not burn them? It's wet after the days rain and relatively risk-free... And so, after checking with all the authorities (that is, pa' and the bro'), it came to be that I stood in the yard burning my brother's underwear. That probably filled up the crazy quota for the month.

It's a bit exciting to be going; I am after all quite unused to travelling outside of the country... I think it's also a slight indicator of how I've grown: if this was five or so years ago I don't think I would've gone. I was way more timid then. Of course I'm still quite quiet and careful, but I've acquired a certain hang of just going with the flow and not worrying as much as I used to. Maybe that's what they call "growing up".

PS: I won't link to the Vankov Brothers space (in a post) until I've gotten the first vocal recorded and (sloppily) mixed. (Hopefully it won't sound too bad when run through a vocoder.)

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