Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I finally took the step into the 21st century music-listening by moving my music collection, previously spread out over two harddrives, to an external drive and letting iTunes handle the library.

The biggest difference is that I listen to music a lot more often now. It's just easier to load up iTunes and having it on random play than thinking what I want to listen to, navigating to the correct folder and then dropping it on the playlist of the player app. (The one I used previously didn't have a library feature.) Having thousands of songs available a click away is somehow a really powerful feeling.

The second biggest difference in my listening is that I listen to fewer albums now. Previously I'd drop a whole album folder on the playlist, play that and repeat if I wanted to listen to something more. With the random play feature I listen to a lot fewer full albums.

Having delegated the position of music-player to iTunes, I also tried its encoder, which was quite a shock. Having done my encodings to MP3 using the LAME front-end LameBrain, it always took me quite a while to rip a CD. But the LameBrain was last updated, wait for it... 4 years ago, to the day, yesterday. So the tech in it might have been a bit old. Using iTunes was incredibly snappy in encoding in comparison. I'm really itching to rip some more just to have more accessible, I can really see now how people end up ripping all their CDs. Perhaps after the prices go a bit lower I'll buy a new HD and swap out the old 160GB in the LaCie Porsche FW (which might be interesting since they seem like a bit of a challenge to take apart).

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summertime activities

Summer, a time of relaxation and freedom from worries. Or at least it used to be.

The recent exam went about as badly as the previous one, which means I'll probably fail it. I drenched my sorrows in cider and regained some of the sleep-debt from not being able to sleep at all the night before the exam. I had an appointment at the 'cutters in the morning, so I figured I'd go to sleep early, except that didn't work because my daily rhythm had already gotten into "vacation-mode". So, I'm guessing I got perhaps one or two hours of real sleep. Eventually I got fed up with it and got up at 6AM or so and watched the last episode of My Boss, My Hero, a great J-drama starring that guy from Tokio.

I might have been able to take it easy after that if it weren't for the fact that an essay I wrote came back as failed. So I have a couple of days to re-write that...

But after that I can hopefully relax with a couple of the dozen or so books I've gathered, first of all I was thinking I'd try to trod my way through the Japanese HP1 that I got the other day. I'm looking forward to it since I've read it in English already, and I think it could be educational to see English translated to Japanese (since that's the most difficult part for me). After that I'll try to get down to the books recommended by our teacher.Other than that, it's just vacationing. Besides the two history-essays I should write. But besides the literature-essay and the history-essays, I'm completely free. Well, if you count out making the plan for the bachelor's thesis we got as assignment to do. But other literature-essay, the history-essays and the plan for the bachelor's thesis, there's nothing. Apart from the extra assignments we got for summer. But if you count out all that, then I'm free to rehearse the kanji and maybe start studying the ~700 general-use kanji that we haven't had yet.

Ah, summer-time relaxation...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Slipping Away

I know I said I wouldn't link before I got some vocals recorded, but it turns out I have a crap voice and no other vocalist handy. So go to The Vankov Brothers' space and have a listen. The synthetic vox is the vocal line. If you think you've got the pipes for the job, send a squirt to thevankovbrothers(a)gmail.com.

Monday, June 04, 2007


I forgot to mention that a few days after I had come home from Stockholm, I noticed an extra withdrawal from my account, which now stood at minus ca. 10€. Which was a bit odd as I only have an Electron, which should block transactions if the account can't cover it...

So, off to the bank the following Monday to straighten it out. After a while of checking things up and making phone-calls, we were told to send a fax (to Visa, presumably) explaining the situation along with bank-statements. The fax was sent, and a couple of days later I found the account balance to be normal again.

Having come home and done the test, I decided to kick back for a couple of days before starting to study for the re-test (since I most likely failed it), so I went to the library and borrowed William Gibson's Bridge-trilogy, which I read under the course of three days.