Wednesday, July 18, 2007

1 month of nothing

The last test of the season was last month, 18th. After that, I have done pretty much nothing, and it really feels like I should start doing something. Has a month of nothing been enough? I don't know, but I'm guessing it has been too much; whenever I get into a rut of inactivity, the days just flow together, making it difficult to even know what day it is.

I bought a new "game" today, if it can be called that, Electroplankton, that I found for 14.90€!I played around with it a bit, and quickly realised that calling it a game is slightly misleading. Yes, you can have a bit of fun with it, but it doesn't play like a game: there are no real levels, no score, and no ending. What there is, is "plankton". These plankton make sounds, notes, when put into action or employed in a certain fashion. It's strange, and it's not easy to get something particular out of it. Mostly it seems like the sounds are decided completely by random, but I do get the feeling that it can be controlled, perhaps utilized, somehow.

So it seems that albums aren't quite dead for me yet, even though random play is the most used setting in my iTunes. In my eagerness to have more music in my iTunes library, I dug out some old CDs the other day, among them the two albums that Savage Garden did, and Affirmation has quickly become well-played compared to some of the other tracks. Another album that I got added was the Russian edition of t.A.T.u.'s debut album, 200 По Встречной; I bought it largely on a whim after discovered it in a store one day long ago. (Really, judging by the release date, it's about half a decade.) The premise for a unit like t.A.T.u almost guarantees bad music is certainly a bit dodgy, as even their producer admits.
I saw that most people look up pornography on the Internet and of those, most are looking for underage sex. I saw their needs weren't fulfilled. Later, it turned out, I was right. This is the same as my own desires. I prefer underage girls.
–Ivan Shapovalov
But I still have to admit that it's one of my favourite albums. Perhaps I'm just a sucker for pop in foreign languages.

Speaking of Savage Garden, I'd really like to see their only live DVD, Superstars and Cannonballs... *wink & nudge*

Friday, July 06, 2007

It's summer

Summer has arrived in full, and I've gone into nearly full summer-slacking mode. I have managed to do some productive things, though. I've finished the first two chapters of the Japanese HP1, and I've been weeding a bit in the strawberry-field.

Reading Japanese is difficult, because I have some problems deciding what approach I should use: I can either read through and when I come across a new word look it up, or I can just plow through the text, ignoring the new words. Using the first approach makes the reading very fragmented, and I often forget what came even in the previous sentence. The second approach is a bit more natural, but I might learn less that way...

Anyway, with summer, a lot of blood-sucking creatures have also arrived. Especially the horseflies are a major pain in the behind when weeding...
That's in inches for those thinking I have a really tiny leg.