Friday, July 06, 2007

It's summer

Summer has arrived in full, and I've gone into nearly full summer-slacking mode. I have managed to do some productive things, though. I've finished the first two chapters of the Japanese HP1, and I've been weeding a bit in the strawberry-field.

Reading Japanese is difficult, because I have some problems deciding what approach I should use: I can either read through and when I come across a new word look it up, or I can just plow through the text, ignoring the new words. Using the first approach makes the reading very fragmented, and I often forget what came even in the previous sentence. The second approach is a bit more natural, but I might learn less that way...

Anyway, with summer, a lot of blood-sucking creatures have also arrived. Especially the horseflies are a major pain in the behind when weeding...
That's in inches for those thinking I have a really tiny leg.

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