Monday, August 27, 2007

Ten years after

When standing in line at the supermarket the other day, I happened to catch a glimpse of a former classmate of mine a couple of registers over. He was with his significant other and their daughter, perhaps five or six years old, and it hit me that the last time I had seen him she had been in a stroller.

Now, this wasn't just some random classmate. I'd say that this guy was the most similar to me that there was in school (upper level compulsory school, attended at ages 13-15, for the record). Quiet, teased, bright, dreamer, a bit of a rebel, and with a lot of potential. I remember we were both in the more advanced math class, and he used to always sit in classes staring out the window, dreaming himself away. (I will always remember our math teacher, Jeanette West, since she was one of the first teachers to ever really spur me on and encourage me; my math grade during those years rose from around six up to a nine, on the 4-10 scale.)

Seeing him like that, shopping with his family, it made me think. That two so similar people would lead so different lives, ten years after.

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