Sunday, October 21, 2007


I've been feeling boring lately. Life goes by. Days float into each other, turning into weeks and months. Sitting here at my window watching the leaves change colour and fall.

School has switched gears. Classical Japanese is a bitch, but the translation-assignments are really fun.

I've watched some anime recently, some aired on SVT, others downloaded on recommendation. The one with the greatest impact on me being Voices of a Distant Star (ほしのこえ). If you haven't yet been desensitized by the world/television yet, then watch it. I'm going to order the region 3 DVD (I'd like the region 2, but the R3 is cheaper), not anytime soon, but after I've gotten the essential new computer (which will hopefully be a Mac mini).

Some people can't seem to understand why I use Mac computers. I don't mind their incomprehension as long as they don't try to "convert" me; I've been in more arguments on the topic than I care to remember. Yes, they're more expensive, but why does that matter? Is that so important? Yes, I could get more bang for the buck with a standard or build-it-yourself PC, but I don't really need more than what the Mac mini has; heck, I'm satisfied sitting on what I have now (except for the fan-noise), which has a great deal less power than a Mac mini. I could get a PC with the latest hardware and extras, and force myself to use Windows or learn Linux. Or I could just spend 100 or so more on the Mac mini, being more than satisfied with the power it has, and have a user experience I'm guaranteed to like, having spent many years now with Mac OS X. But I guess personal preference doesn't matter in a world where everything needs to be the same square size fitting into the same square holes, just so other people can feel ensured in their choice because "everyone else has it."

I've been meaning to write something meaningful here, but failing.

It's autumn.


Ainu said...

All the cool people use mac! You = cool!

Neostar said...

yea :D