Monday, February 18, 2008


Going back a couple of weeks... Seeing Kent live was nice, maybe I didn't really get the full-blown concert experience when I was using earplugs, but I don't want to get full-blown tinnitus either. I really liked the faster, more electronic-sounding, version they did of Dom Andra. I came away from it with a strong feeling of wanting to do it again.

Here's a random image I found on the web.
But that isn't all the musicizing I've done lately.

It started pretty innocently during a conversation with my classmate Aino about maybe trying to play some songs from Bonnie Pink's latest album ourselves; it came up in discussions with other people from school, a couple of more jumped on, and now it seems we have inadvertedly started a band! First practice was last Friday, and having previously only played by myself, it was really exciting to get to play with other people. After the first couple of hesitating steps it started going smoother and smoother, and by the end of the first session I felt we had at least one song down pretty well! (Which was Ramen tabetai, original by Akiko Yano, but our version is based more on Tamio Okuda's cover.

Incredibly fun, and now I'm just looking for the next opportunity that fits everyones schedules...

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